Your beginning isĀ  important. It sets the tone. It draws readers in. It’s a taste of your piece, the first impression. Your readers will forgive a misspelled wrod or tow half-way through, but it will disgust them in the first line. They’ll stop reading. They’ll miss the meat, the importance of it. The journey is abandoned before it is begun.

The beginning is the most important thing in your story. It shows the reader why they should care about whatever it is that your writing. It brings them in as an observer. A participant. They become a piece of the story, an important piece, without which there is no story.

At least, this is the attempt I make in my writing. The story is important to me. The journey of my characters. Their growth and failures. I get emotionally tied into the stories I read, at least the ones I enjoy most. I laugh alongside them. I dance when they dance. I fall in love with them. I cry when their hearts are broken.

I also look at stories from the perspective of a writer. Why it works, or why it doesn’t. Structure and pacing.

The intent of this space is for my notes and thoughts on Story. I’ll be posting my thoughts and theories on the structure and intent of stories. There will also be some posts of my own work, mostly half-formed. With the arrival of National Novel Writing Month, you can bet there will be a lot of the latter.

And thus, my grand project begins.

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