Robot Army: Quadcopter

The robot army is coming along, if slowly.

I started, recently, on building a quadcopter. For those who don’t know what a quadcopter is, well… check them out. They’re pretty awesome. I’m working on a prototype at the moment. I don’t know yet if I am going to build more, but I’ve got ideas of what I want to add should I do so.

For the moment: basic quadcopter.

I started by searching far and wide through the internet for plans and instructions. I didn’t really consider getting a kit, though they exist. What fun is that? All the pre-packaged parts that you know are going to fit together, with calibration software and all that jazz.

No, I wanted to do it the fun way. Maybe it has something to do with my Patrick McManus camping tradition.

That isn’t to say I’m not following instructions. I’m a masochist, but I’m also inclined to succeed. I’m following two main sites: Aeroquad and wiicopter, both of which have lots of instructions and parts lists and whatnot. For the most part I followed the parts list on the Aeroquad site, but I’m pulling the accelerometer and gyroscope from the Wiimotes.

The other change I’m making is to use another Wii Nunchuck for steering, rather than one of those Time-Traveling Delorean Remotes those sites feature.

I’ve divided the project into two main components: the brains and the body. I’m considering each more or less separately at this point.

I will admit at this point that I don’t know what I’m going to do with a quadcopter, but boy do I want to build one. I’ll turn it over to Roe when I’m done and let her play with it.

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