Patch Cables

Short note on patch cables. They’re the wires used to connect things up on solderless breadboards. I got a mess of them in the microcontroller kit, all different colors. I do enjoy the color coding.

Thing is, I’m having the same problem I had way back when I was a freshman in college: my cables are too long. 90% of the time I need a much shorter cable than what I’ve got. But I don’t have any other patch cables, and these are so nicely color coded.

Cutting these down won’t work very well. They’re twisted core and I want solid core. I’m going to start hunting around a bit to see if I can find a package of multi-colored wires somewhere. I could just buy a roll of solid core wire, but the color coding is very useful.

If I don’t find some, breadboarding my larger projects is going to be a huge mess.

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