I grew up in a distant land surrounded by those not of my people. It took a while to understand what that meant, and a lot of moving around. I lived many places before I found home, and hadn’t realized I’d been missing it until I arrived.

I have a degree in physics and a job systematically breaking others’ creations. I would have predicted neither of these things ten years ago.

I’ve been working on a project since 2001: The Gods of Reed. It’s a road-map of the changes in my writing over the years. When it ends, it will be much like a child going off to college, though I don’t think it will quite reach that age.

Writing is one of my many hobbies, which tends to creep into everything else I do. I also do a lot of walking, mostly because I love the city I live in and the rain on my face. I’m working on the robot army in my free time. It’s taking a while, but since the zombie hordes are glacially slow in rising it hasn’t been too much a problem. If that changes, I’ll have to take a break from my other duties.

One day I will defeat the zombies and conquer the world with my robot army. I’m planning on retiring after that. I haven’t decided if I’ll move to Canada or one of the orbital platforms. I feel no pressure to make a decision on that anytime in the near future.