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Quadcoptor Software Control

I haven’t quite yet forgotten about my quadcoptor project. It was on hold while I was schooling, but now that’s over I’ve picked it up again. I don’t currently have a good setup for the hardware, so I’ve been focusing on software. Specifically, the controller. The controller dovetails quite nicely from the work on my […]

Programming Methodology

As I design code for my ROV, I’m discovering something: my brain is set in Object Oriented mode. The solutions I think of work well for OO programming. But there are problems with this: LabView is not especially good for OO programming. 1 Some of the hardware I’m working on doesn’t allow for it (or […]

Labview Woes

It’s been a tough week on the LabView front. I’ve spent some frustrating hours on what should be some simple things. According to the internet these are simple tasks. In reality, though, they seem to not be so simple. The issues I’ve run into (in brief): There doesn’t seem to be a simple way to […]

LabView and Low-Level Programming

Building a control system is a bit new, I admit. Not completely, but the models I’ve used in the past are in Python or Octave. And I’ve a bit of experience with C, Java and Perl in terms of programming. Once upon a time, many long years ago, I learned LabView. It’s sort of like […]

Robot Army: Quadcopter

The robot army is coming along, if slowly. I started, recently, on building a quadcopter. For those who don’t know what a quadcopter is, well… check them out. They’re pretty awesome. I’m working on a prototype at the moment. I don’t know yet if I am going to build more, but I’ve got ideas of […]