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Site Updates

Now that I’ve graduated and have a bit of free time again, I’m planning on going back to posting thoughts and projects here. Since it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, I’m taking a moment to upgrade, kick the tires, and make sure the windshield wipers still work.

Continuing the Saga….

I’ve been quiet while I threw myself into my Masters degree. Now I am finished, and have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which I’m pretty excited about. Things I’ve been working on: Mechanical Design Low-Level Programming Real-time Software Ocean Sensors Serial Communication Matlab Analysis Experimental Design Automation and Control I’m pretty excited about transitioning back […]

Internet Identity

When I started my first website, back in the day, it was static. If someone wanted to tell me something I’d get an email. Then: forums. Forums were the shiznit. Every small to medium sized website had a phpBB forum for a while. I had one. I had more than one. About the same time, […]