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Continuing the Saga….

I’ve been quiet while I threw myself into my Masters degree. Now I am finished, and have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which I’m pretty excited about. Things I’ve been working on: Mechanical Design Low-Level Programming Real-time Software Ocean Sensors Serial Communication Matlab Analysis Experimental Design Automation and Control I’m pretty excited about transitioning back […]

Programming Methodology

As I design code for my ROV, I’m discovering something: my brain is set in Object Oriented mode. The solutions I think of work well for OO programming. But there are problems with this: LabView is not especially good for OO programming. 1 Some of the hardware I’m working on doesn’t allow for it (or […]

Patch Cables

Short note on patch cables. They’re the wires used to connect things up on solderless breadboards. I got a mess of them in the microcontroller kit, all different colors. I do enjoy the color coding. Thing is, I’m having the same problem I had way back when I was a freshman in college: my cables […]

The Bechdel Test

I’ve been thinking about the Bechdel Test in relation to my most recent stories. I’ve been writing again, which is good. But I wonder if my stories pass this particular issue. I thought I’d do a bit of a recap. The one I’m working on now, other than The Gods of Reed, is a short […]

Gender Without Sex

What is the meaning of gender if you don’t have a physical sex? This question came about from my NaNoWriMo novel. The Cyborgs1 have true Artificial Intelligence (AI), software beings that have no physical sex. No more than Firefox or Emacs has a sex. Exactly half the race lacks this quality of sex. And yet, […]

Magical Influence on Sexuality

I’ve been thinking about gender recently. This has come out of the question of the meaning of gender when the intelligent being in question has no sex. With the added complication of these sex-less beings making up half (exactly half, actually) of a race, where the other half is sexed1. A question popped into my […]

Happy Thoughts

A bit of cheering up.

Internet Identity

When I started my first website, back in the day, it was static. If someone wanted to tell me something I’d get an email. Then: forums. Forums were the shiznit. Every small to medium sized website had a phpBB forum for a while. I had one. I had more than one. About the same time, […]


Your beginning isĀ  important. It sets the tone. It draws readers in. It’s a taste of your piece, the first impression. Your readers will forgive a misspelled wrod or tow half-way through, but it will disgust them in the first line. They’ll stop reading. They’ll miss the meat, the importance of it. The journey is […]