Life is full of stories. Fantastical stories of wizarding schools and ships crossing the gap. Emotional stories about clinging to sometimes-love and tarnished angels. Practical stories, the story of Toxie and her fatal destiny. Stories we buy into: the aggressively hip white laptop or the guy of your dreams riding a horse.

Stories permeate my brain and invade my dreams. I dissect them, analyze them. It’s a genetic imperative. I integrate them into my own craft of writing. I study the stories I live in to improve my own contributions to them.

This is a collection of my thoughts and contrivances. Some of it will be essays, some half-formed thoughts and some outright fiction. This is a piece of my own story that I will share.

I have two main purposes of this blog. The first is to solidify my own thoughts, to get them out and formulated even if they don’t always make sense. The other is for feedback, for you, out there in internet-land, to point out where I make sense or offer opinions of your own.